Thank you again, Lisa for presenting a daunting topic in a simple and straightforward way.
Geeta Halley, Public Services Manager, Round Rock Library

Thank you for the amazing instruction in yesterday's class. I learned so much (somewhat frightening). You have inspired me to take several classes. It is going to help me a great deal.

​Linda O'Herron    


City of Austin, Small Business Development Program

Round Rock, Library

Texas Department of

Licensing and Regulation

Small Business Development Corp, Austin Office

​I enjoyed meeting Lisa for the first time that day when she taught the City of Austin course. The students seemed to really enjoy it. They must have had a comedian in the class because they were rolling with laughter…in a full-day tax class nonetheless! =) 
Christina J. Kendall

Thanks for a great workshop...I had a fabulous time learning "How to Build & Sustain a Culture of Creative Innovation in Organizations".  It was definitely worthwhile for me...interesting perspective on "thinking" that could be applied to professional/business or personal life! Ideal workshop for managers and meeting leads...or others in leadership positions! 
Dokpe Ogunsanya, Dupsy Enterprises

Lisa, I wanted to write you about your 6 Thinking Hats Exercise you took me through.  I really appreciated the chance it gave me to "get out of my own way" and look at the topic from a different perspective.  I have always believed that I needed to talk to a variety of different people to get a different approach to any problem or opportunity.  With the Hats technique you taught me, I realized that with the disciplined thinking you taught me, I had the different perspectives myself! It was very easy to learn and made a definite impact immediately.  I would surely recommend it to others for both individual and group problem solving
Joe Brown, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Just thought you would like to know that the investment was more than worth it for me. The meeting went great. It funneled the right information to everyone. I know for a fact that sans this agenda and this process the discussion would have been chaotic and not as meaningful for the folks in attendance.

Brian Francis, Deputy Executive Director, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Lisa skillfully managed a room full of A-type personalities through an exercise designed to help them grow and also find the best path to bring that growth to fruition. She did a wonderful job of redirecting as we would wander off path or jump to another subject. We all had a great experience and I attest that to her leadership and understanding of the scope at hand. I would recommend her to all who need to "think outside the box".
Gary Henley, President, Henley Homes, Inc.

Growing Decisions to the Point